Leading the Way in Refrigeration Technology.

Engineering and Performance Applied — Look for Turbo Coil Inside.

Turbo Coil provides you with superior quality, energy, and space-saving efficiency for your next project. We have developed custom designs for many consultants, designers, and manufacturers. Our products can be found in many segments of the market including restaurants, casinos, wineries, and schools throughout North America.

Our mission is to innovate commercial refrigeration by integrating the latest available technology, maximizing efficiency, and minimizing energy consumption. We believe in developing loyal relationships with customers based on their commitment to quality.

The Cooling Power of Glycol

A simple yet effective answer to the problems inherent in the designs of traditional pan chillers is to use glycol as a cooling agent. Glycol’s ability to maintain low temperatures for extended periods of time is what enables our design to require substantially less energy and maintain an even temperature across all surfaces.

Providing solutions for the toughest temperature challenges in foodservice.

Environmental responsibility is at the core of everything we do.

We at Turbo Coil Refrigeration Systems take our environmental responsibility very seriously. The designs of our products and our manufacturing procedures reflect this. Our products are made from stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and brass. To reduce waste, our product components are interchangeable, can be replaced individually, and are 100% recyclable.

We are developing new products that are HFC refrigerant free and use nonpolluting refrigerants and glycol that are 100% ozone friendly and non-CO2 generating. All of our products are designed to have a long life span, eliminating the usage of precious resources in the manufacturing of new units.

Push the limit of what’s possible.